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I’ve got a crapload of paperwork to do, so surprisingly, I have to do a final on both for my karate class and writing class. It’ll be so fun, but for karate… I think I shouldn’t be a complete idiot during karate. Honestly, karate is very interesting. Yesterday, I had to play a weird yet funny game where you’re blindfolded and in a middle of the circle. For me, I was a complete weirdo that could not stop laughing. All I can do is make the most awkward ways to go near a person. I was getting called as a fairy, so I don’t look like a fairy at all.

I have been writing up some good yet interesting fanfiction on Wattpad. Like I said, Wattpad is a very awesome website to try out. If you don’t procrastinate too much when it comes writing, if you like writing like I do (only when I’m in a good mood) or if you want to practice on being a good author/writer of a fanfiction/story, I highly recommend it. I don’t recommend FanFiction.Net because you can have fun writing fanfiction, but the publishing system is too complicated to begin with.