Beyond ALL Religion

 Gandhi probably meant God does not  favor or follow any organized religion.


Why should WE favor or follow any organized religion?

THINK, if we didn’t  have religion, we would not have had:

**  The Crusades , where Christians burned alive Jews and Muslims together in Jerusalem.

**  The Inquisition, which lasted over 400 years.

**  The Salem witch hangings.

**  The “30 year War” between Protestants and Catholics

**  The violence and killings in Ireland between Catholics and Protestants.

**  The conflict between Hindus and Moslems, in India, including the formation of two states, India and Pakistan.

**  The assassination of the source of the above quote “God has no Religion”, Mahatma Ghandi.

**  The killings in Iraq between Sunnis and Shias.

**  The killings in Afghanistan between Sunnis and Shias.

**  The Holocaust.

**  The turmoil presently in the Mid-East between Israel and Palestine.

**  The…

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