Angels (Poem Dedicated to Shy) {From}


I had a strange dream that I was in a different place

I felt a strange feeling when I saw a beautiful face

She wore a beautiful smile with blood on her dress

She noticed that I was only here to just confess

I noticed she’s gonna fall, so I go and catch her

I guess that it’s time to start confessing to her

She knows what I’ll start to say to her anyway

She told me that I should help her out anyway

I felt so different about her, ’cause she’s better

I believe she believes that I know better to her

She wants me to start cleaning away my sins

She believes that I know about ridding my sins

I start to clean away my bad sins off my soul

I saw the girl’s dress turning into a bright soul

She told me that next time I’ll be her hero anyway

She also told me that next that I’ll help her anyway

I promise myself I’ll save her from the sickness

I’ll never let those fall for the devil’s dirty mess

She’ll start believing me that I’m not the bad guy

She’s the one person I do care as her good guy

I’ll promise myself I won’t be the bad guy ever

I’ll promise myself I’ll rid corruption forever


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